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About The Hotel School

The Hotel School is the only hotel school in Australia formed through a unique partnership between a public university and a global hotel investment group.

Through our ongoing partnerships with Southern Cross University and Mulpha Australia, we offer our students a truly unique university experience.

Our Courses

  • Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management

  • Graduate Certificate in International Tourism and Hotel Management

  • Graduate Diploma in International Tourism and Hotel Management

  • Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management

Our Internships

We offers students an opportunity to integrate theory with the practice and responsibility of the professional workplace through our internship program.

They are a unique part of our degrees, designed to assist in working out which career pathway is best suited to you and to add valuable experience to your career.

Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management

CRICOS code 086102E

The Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management is a Southern Cross University degree which is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to make a career in hospitality-related businesses, focusing on management.

Typically studied across a 3-year period, you will learn what it takes to operate a hotel to the satisfaction of your guests in the Bachelor of hospitality management and hotel management. Providing hospitality to your guests, as well as managing administration and leading your staff, demands attention to detail and great people skills.

Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management

CRICOS code 086101F

The Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management is the course for individuals looking to operate global hospitality and tourism operations at the highest level.

You will learn to develop and implement hotel/tourism strategy to ensure the success of business goals at a global level with a deep understanding of how hospitality markets operate in different locations relevant to your business. This master degree in tourism, hospitality and hotel management will provide you with lifelong learning skills, creativity and cultural competencies along with communications skills for a dynamic and global career.


I loved the course structure and the size of the campus/student body as it reduced the amount of anxiety I had about starting uni and made it easier to make friends.

Lucy Fist Current domestic student

The atmosphere at The Hotel School in Australia was always professional and friendly, and many fellow students have become friends who I am still in contact with.

Philipp Frickhinger General Manager, The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok

The skills and exposure learnt from a variety of subjects have helped immensely with the physical experiences and day-today operations I have come into contact with.

Michael Stamboulidis Nominated For 2014 Australian Hotels Association Rising Stars Award

The Hotel School gave me the insights, skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in the industry. I have been working in various roles starting as a line level employee and growing into senior management positions.

Karen Koelewyn unEarth International Africa

I learnt skills that I have continued to use during my role in Management of Front Office. The Hotel school is very well known in the industry and fully prepares you for the challenges you will come across in the real world of hospitality.

Morgan Meredith Front Office Manager, TAA NSW 2016 Hotel Industry Rising Star Award Recipient

I chose this course because of its focus on the industry and its association with Mulpha means we have a great access to a range of hotels. I have been impressed with the range of subjects available and my career opportunities after graduating.

Margot Maitre Current international student, France

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